My name is Sina, I was born and raised in Denmark. I moved to the US when I was 18 and became a US citizen in 2018 *it took 14 years no big deal…

I’m now 33 years old and I live in Los Angeles 34 years old and I live outside of Austin, TX with my amazing husband (if you told me 10 years this would be my life, I would say you were either lying or trying to trick me!) No pets or kids – yet… But lots of plants and books! *well as soon as the moving truck arrives! **it arrived after 6 weeks, however we’re moving again!! Just down the street though :)

Quick update: we’re all settled in with much more room for new books!

Things I love: reading, book club, my friends, seeing other people experience success, help people live better lives through coaching and learning new things (tried axe throwing the other day!). That’s about the short version.

There is a longer version (a lot longer!) if you’re interested, scroll on down… Thanks for stopping by BeBetter.Coach.